Our Speakers

Keynote Speakers

We are delighted to have with us Pastor Billy Crone of Sunrise Bible Church, USA; Pastor Jeff Kinley of “God’s Vintage Truth”, USA; Pastor Alex Robertson of The Lighthouse Manchester Church, UK; Massi Catalano, the youngest elected member of the Italian Evangelical Churches leadership Council; Andrea Williams, the co-Founder and Director of Christian Concern, London, UK.

Billy Crone

Sunrise Bible Church & Get A Life Ministries, USA

Billy is one of the most sought-after speakers in Bible prophecy today. He is the Senior Pastor of Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, and founder of “Get A Life Ministries”. A highly gifted teacher, international conference speaker, author, and counsellor, Pastor Billy is a frequent guest on numerous radio and television programmes, and has produced a number of Christian documentaries. He is the author of many books, most recently: “Did the Bible Really Come from God?” and “One Second after You Die”, and has an in-depth knowledge of multiple topics such as: “The Final Countdown”, “Spiritual Warfare”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “The Seals” of Revelation, World Religions. Billy has a vast audience in the United States and in 200 countries worldwide.


Jeff Kinley

Jeff Kinley

God’s Vintage Truth Ministries, USA

Jeff is a bestselling author, experienced Bible teacher and powerful communicator of God’s “Vintage” Truth. His expertise in Bible prophecy, revelation, apologetics, and true discipleship, among many subjects, make him a widely in-demand speaker at churches and conferences across the US. A Pastor of over 30 years and author of 30+ books, including: “Interview with the Anti-Christ”, “Wake the Bride”, “The Coming Apostasy” (co-authored with Dr Mark Hitchcock), “The End of America?”, Jeff has been a frequent guest on 100s of radio and television programmes, including: Jan Markell’s Understanding The Times, Fox & Friends, The Glenn Beck Show, and the Ben Shapiro Show. His broadcast ministry and weekly Vintage Truth podcast are currently heard in over 70 countries. Jeff holds a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.


Alex Robertson

Alex Robertson

The Lighthouse Church, Manchester, UK

Alex is an anointed Pastor and Bible teacher, and has been in ministry for nearly 40 years. He currently serves on the pastoral team at the dynamic “Lighthouse Church”, Manchester, where his incisive Bible teaching breaks through doctrinal prejudices to get to the heart of what the Bible really says. Author of two powerful books, “Playing with Fire: the use and abuse of music”, and “Manifesto for a Revolution: the Kingdom of God on earth”, Alex has spoken at churches and conferences throughout the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Canada and Italy. He was a founder-member of the internationally renowned “Brodsky Quartet”, and read music at Cambridge University and the Royal Northern College of Music, where he still teaches today.


Massimiliano Catalano

Imperia, Italy

Massi is one of Italy’s most gifted young Bible expositors, with a remarkable insight into the heart of the Scriptures and deep understanding of the teachings of Jesus. In 2006, he became one of the youngest ordained pastors in the Italian Evangelical Church, and one of the youngest members on the senior leadership team. For 14 years, he has overseen and grown the dynamic “Community of Imperia” churches on the Italian Riviera. Massi’s powerful deliverance out of the occult in 1994, and the enlightenment he has since received, have qualified and equipped him to minister deliverance, freedom, healing and wholeness to all those in need. His calling is to develop believers spiritually by bringing the reality, power and truth of the Kingdom of God into their lives.

Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams

Founder & Director of Christian Concern, London, UK

Andrea Williams is the co-Founder and Director of Christian Concern, and CEO of the Christian Legal Centre in the UK, two highly influential organizations that serve to uphold and protect Christian values and freedoms in the public life of the nation. Having qualified as a barrister in 1988, Andrea has led some of the most high-profile Christian freedom cases and campaigns in Europe. She is a top analyst, campaigner and spokeswoman on issues of national significance in the moral life of the nation, and is a defender of Christian liberties in the parliamentary process, the justice system and the media. Andrea is passionate about seeing our culture transformed by the gospel in every area of society. Being half Italian from Naples, Andrea is equally passionate about Italy and the wellbeing of this magnificent country.