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The Royal Hotel Sanremo

5* Deluxe Royal Hotel Sanremo

The 5* Deluxe Royal Hotel Sanremo is one of the Riviera’s leading hotels. Set in a superb location with magnificent views of the Mediterranean on the famous Italian “Riviera dei Fiori”, The Royal has been the home of the most famous European royalty, aristocracy and élite since its opening in 1872. Surrounded by subtropical gardens, and with a heated sea-water swimming pool, The Royal is a haven of beauty and wellbeing, just steps away from Sanremo’s top shopping district and famous city centre. Click here: Royal Hotel Sanremo

IMPORTANT: Guests and visitors are kindly requested to observe The Royal Hotel’s dress protocol: smart-casual, and to carry small bags only (no rucksacks, sportsbags, etc).
In addition, it is not permitted by law to bring one’s own food or drink/water into the hotel grounds. Only refreshments served by The Royal may be consumed here.

Thank you for your co-operation.

PARKING: Complimentary parking is avaliable for guests during conference sessions. Over-night stays are reserved for resident guests.