Europe-Awakening 2021: The hour is late!

The theme of this event is to bring to Believers and churches in Europe an understanding of significant current events, seen in the light of Bible Prophecy, and teaching and insights on what is coming. Time is short … how must we respond?

Our 9 esteemed speakers: Pier Francesco Abortivi (Italy), Billy Crone (USA), JD Farag (USA), Todd Hampson (USA), Brandon Holthaus (USA), Tom Hughes (USA), Jeff Kinley (USA), Scott Townsend (USA), Andrea Williams (UK), will be covering timely issues, including:

• Where we are on God’s prophetic time-clock
• What in the world is happening?
• Deception in the last days: is the Church being infiltrated?
• Believing or following? The Believer vs the Disciple
• Oh Church Arise!
• God’s call on every Believer’s life
• Spiritual warfare in the ‘last days’- fundamentals we need to know
• The “Corona pandemic”, “The Great Reset”, the “mark” – the “great set-up”?
• “A.I.”- Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, surveillance
• Europe – perspectives from an “insider”
• The Rapture of the Church – why it must precede the 7-year Tribulation.
• Redeeming the time – living as “Watchman”


Catch up

We are delighted to be able to offer you continued free access to all of the talks from the conference, with the addition of new videos and interviews. Soon available in “Archives”.