The light in Europe is diminishing fast.

Having turned its back on its Christian heritage, Europe has embraced secularism, liberalism, and other gods, and has become like a ship without map or compass. Our vision, therefore, is:

• To alert the believers that time is running out.

• To connect current events with Bible prophecy and the urgent work we are called to do in this hour.

• To be a launch pad for a European re-awakening: first, of the believers, then, of the people.

• To serve as a strategic hub for powerful Christian teaching, ministry, and networking.

• Soon, to translate, publish, and distribute literature and audio-visual materials. To commence a media ministry.


Why here, why now?

The vision has been given by The Lord, and confirmed. April 2020 marks the centenary of one of the most momentous events in recent history: The 1920 Sanremo Resolution. From the foreign territories of the defeated Ottoman Empire (1917), the 21 Arab states of the current Middle East were created, and Israel was “reconstituted” with legal title to all of her ancient homeland. Thus, it was in Sanremo that Israel was legally “born in a day”.

Just as Sanremo was chosen by God through which to bless nations, we understand that today, 100 years on, God wants to resume blessing nations through Sanremo.


For information on Sanremo and the 1920 Resolution: